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Aleksić Dragutin


Aleksić Dragutin (Serbia)


  Aleksić Dragutin - Mountain Wedding       He was born in Sladaja near Despotovac (Serbia) in 1947. His preoccupation with existential problems of farmers, highlanders, miners is visible in the structures of extraordinary expressive force, achieved by a specific manner of procession, more with forceful cuts in the wood by an axe than by a sculptor’s chisel. He began doing sculpture in 1968. Led by a strong instinct and robust character, he processed the wood rustically, transmitting his raw energy into a wooden mass, emphasizing a predominant force of a man – highlander, who seizes from the nature in his fight for survival. In his sculptures with multiplied figures, central figures or events are rare. While doing sculpture Aleksić liberates a thought, not a tale, hence the intensity of expression is most pronounced in the mere procedure of cutting, quick and capricious, in order to make his idea visible as soon as possible. With deeper, abrupt, unexpected incision in wood he creates dynamic light effects in which the dance of light and shadow provides an additional dynamics to the whole work. He is an artist of action and instinct without pictorial deliberation. Therefore, his idea is raw, uncultivated, but direct, suggestive, sometimes schematically given but intensive and complete. Heads and busts but rarely whole human and animal figures and vegetation emerge from whole mass of monumental logs. In sculptural treatment, Dragutin Aleksić’s work has a touch of art brut, or more precisely, is on the borderline between naïve art and art brut.


  Mountain Wedding, 1968, wood, height 114cm  
Aleksić Dragutin - Nesrećna nevesta Aleksić Dragutin - Mountain Traveller Aleksić Dragutin - Sad Master Aleksić Dragutin - Village Wedding Aleksić Dragutin - Unhappy Mother
Unhappy Bride, n. d,

wood, height 155cm

Mountain Traveller, n. d,

wood, height 145cm

Sad Master, 1968,

wood, height 100cm

Village Wedding, 1969,

wood, height 148cm

Unhappy Mother, 1970,
wood, height 140cm
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