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Homonai Pal



Homonai Pal (Serbia/Hungary)


  Homonai Pal - Fair       He was born to a peasant family in Irig on 28 May 1922. He spent his childhood on pastures of the villages in Srem, which was to become the primary source of his inspiration. He mastered the carpentry in 1938 and moved to Novi Sad, where he practiced various forms of the craft, intarsia, etc. He began doing painting in 1964. His first independent exhibition at Đuro Salaj Gallery in Belgrade in 1968, was, among others, visited by Oto Bihalji Merin and Bolumil Karlavaris who wrote first commendable reviews. He lived and worked in Novi Sad until 1992, when he moved to Kecskemét where he stayed until his death on 6 December 2010.
The idealized landscape with predominant scenes and beauty of Irig hills with pronouncedly cultivated land was the basic motif of his inspiration. He rarely painted cityscapes or portraits. He is recognisable for his authentic stylisation of landscapes, subtle, and reduced colouring, and a contour line which reveals him as a previous craftsman who did intarsia. The mixture of the really perceived and the imaginary is creatively made, hence Homonai’s pastorals are recognisable by the authentic stylisation of landscapes. Pictorially, he achieves special atmosphere by using the technique of gouache. Permanently adding white, he successfully controls the intensity of certain colours. This unique tint is the reminiscence of childhood and the childish view of horizon, in blazing sunshine as if covered by a white airy veil faraway. Tiny human figures like vignettes make unique arabesques at the foot of the hills which alternate with pastures. Busy with field work, mowing, harvesting, on meadows, plough land, hills or on feasts, on weddings, fairs and games on the snow, they are perfectly fitted within the composition, which radiates with harmony and sense of the ornamental and decorative. The reduction of motifs and details reveal him as an artist with the pronounced sense of design. His paintings are on permanent display of galleries and museums worldwide. He was many times awarded for his work; at the Eleventh International Biennial of Naïve and Marginal Art, MNMA, Jagodina, 2003, he recived the Award hor Entire Artistic Work.
  Fair, 1969, tempera on hardboard, 70x50cm  
Homonai Pal - Stealing Apples Homonai Pal - Fair Homonai Pal - Tekije Homonai Pal - Hunters Coming back Home Homonai Pal - Harvest
Stealing Apples, 1968,

tempera on hardboard,

Fair, 1969,
tempera on hardboard, 70x50cm
Tekije, 1969,

tempera on hardboard,

Hunters Coming back Home, 1986,

tempera on canvas,

Harvest, 1987,

tempera on canvas,

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