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Jakić Vojislav


Jakić Vojislav (Serbia)


  Jakić Vojislav - Multi-titled Painting   He was born in Kavadarci (Macedonia) in 1932, where his father worked as a priest. He soon moved to Despotovac (Serbia), where he spent his whole life. His childhood was filled with poverty and sadness for the loss of his closest. He began to draw in Belgrade in 1952, and two years later he did his first sculpture which was to initiate a whole cycle of shelves, and then he completely devoted himself to drawing unusual scrolls. From 1960 until his death he did more than ten thousand drawings which were sometimes fifty meters long. There he finally found his only partner, the rest for his soul and embodiment of his phantasmagoria, yet, his world was apocalyptic, depressing and pessimistic. Under the pressure and restrictions, his figures get together in the universal nightmare. At the end of 1970 he completed his second autobiography entitled "Nemenikuće", where the real moments of the experienced are intersected with the artist’s fiction and irony.   He transmitted his bitter obsessions and "memento mori" atmosphere into his ‘rolls’, as he used to call his endless stories. For one of the longest he said “This is neither a drawing nor a painting – it is a condensed sorrow!”. Made of a series of smaller or larger pieces of cartridge paper, they were mostly treated as an uninterrupted compositional thread, like a symbol of tightly bound, unbreakable fastening of the conscience. Strong linearism of hallucinate, multiplied texture without a beginning and an end creates unique atmosphere where the powerful presence of the artist’s sensuality and agony is felt. Tubular forms of organic ornaments create unique arabesques abundant with optical effects, either pulling the form deep, or drawing it from a flat surface. Jakić used allegory, a symbol and a metaphor as a means of contemplation. He most often worked in Indian ink, felt pen and less frequently used colour, pastel or gouache. In addition to drawing, he wrote a conclusion as a supplementary media in order to emphasize his observation with the use of a written text. His most significant works are in "Collection de l Art brut" in Lausanne.
  Multi-titled Painting, 1975, Indian ink on paper, 69x98cm  

Jakić Vojislav - Multi-titled Painting Jakić Vojislav - Self-portrait Jakić Vojislav - No Name Jakić Vojislav - Black Days Jakić Vojislav - No Name
Multi-titled Painting, 1975,
Indian ink on paper,


Self-portrait, 1978,

felt pen on paper,

No Name, 1987,

tuš na papiru, 50x62cm

Black Days, 1997,

Indian ink on paper,


No Name, 2002,

combined technique on cardboard, 50x70cm

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