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Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art (Jagodina, Serbia) and
Casa dell’ Art Brut, Mairano, Casteggio (Pavia, Italy)


At the invitation of the Foundation Bussolera Branca, more precisely Mr Fabio Cei, the president of the Foundation and director of museum Casa dell’Art Brut in Mairano di Casteggio (Pavia), Nina Krstić, director of Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art in Jagodina, accepted the proposal for special kind of partnership of these two similar institutions, concerning their successful and long cooperation.





Symbolically, on 26 October 2016, the day of celebration of the hundred and fortieth anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relationships between Serbia and Italy, a ceremonial panel on the history of Italian and Serbian connections was held at Casa del’ Art Brut in Mairano Casteggio. Mr Fabio Cei, the organiser of the event and director of museum, Dr Fabrizio Guerrini, historian and journalist, Professor Giorgio Bedoni, psychiatrist and Nina Krstić and Bianca Tosatti, art historians took part in the panel, which included presentations of raw vision, and so-called Art Brut artists, activities related to exchange of exhibiting and publishing projects of the two museums, and new forms of cooperation.
President of the Foundation, Fabio Pierotti Cei pointed out that the task of the Foundation had always been to inspire scientific and cultural research. Casa dell’ Art Brut and Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art are therefore logical partners and their cooperation had already begun. Ivan Lorenzin, Vice-Consul of Republic of Serbia reminded of the importance of cultural dialogue between Italy and Serbia, while Mrs Nina Krstić, art historian and director of MNMA, spoke about possible forms of cooperation of these two museums. Giorgio Bedoni, psychiatrist and lecturer at Academy Brera in Milan talked about the most significant Serbian artists whose works were on permanent display at Casa dell’ Art Brut in Casteggio. Mrs Bianca Tosatti, a respectable art historian from Pavia had a closing word, speaking of pure and sincere art produced by Art Brut authors.Reputable participants included the Rector of University, Francesco Svelto, Vice-president Flavio Ferdani, Mayor of Pavia Fabrizio Fracassi, secretary for culture of Pavia Ms Mariangela Singali and Lorenzo Vigo, Mayor of Casteggio.










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