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Opening of the exhibition


Sava Sekulić - The Power of Vision

The Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris
16.10 - 19.11.2021



A great retrospective exhibition of paintings of one of the most prominent world classics of non-conventional art, Sava Sekulić, opened at Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris on 16 October 2021.


The exhibition Sava Sekulić – Power of Vision was realized thanks to support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia; thirty-four representative realizations from the collection of Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art are on display.



The authors of exhibition and text in the Catalogue are Ivana Bašičević Antić, PhD, and Ivana Jovanović.


SAVA SEKULIĆ 1902-1989



With the strength, originality and persistence of his pictorial instinct, the authentic self-taught and intuitive visionary reached far ahead era. Today he is ranked among the most significant world classics of non-conventional art which appeared beyond mainstream courses of officially recognized academic and professional art. Unique pictorial oeuvre of singular expression, done during nearly six decades of obsessive creative work made him a special phenomenon in our naïve and marginal art and contemporary art in general. Although the artist personally defined his position somehow by adding the pseudonym self-taught, his work was simultaneously specified in wider scope, from self-taught artistic and naïve art based on traditional values to complete and unlimited freedom of art brut and outsider art. Unrestrained visionary spirit of Sekulić that radiates from his works further re-examines and challenges views and frames of the accepted norms, thus staying beyond boundaries and divisions, free, elusive, hence escaping definitions and classifications.


He was born to a Serbian family in Dalmatian village of Bilišane on 17 February 1902. At the age of fifteen he was wounded at Austro-Hungarian-Italian front and had permanent vision lost in the right eye, left his native region and moved from place to place doing various jobs such as wage earner, lumberjack, boatman, factory worker and bricklayer. Completely self-taught, at the age of thirty he started writing poems and drawing and painting soon after. In 1943 he permanently settled in Belgrade where he worked as a bricklayer. After his retirement in 1962, he devoted himself to art, painting, drawing and poetry. He began exhibiting his works in 1964 and on solo exhibitions in 1969. He died in Belgrade on 26 January 1989.


Authentic visionaries like Sava Sekulić who work on the margins of society often find themselves out of step with the time they live in; with their powerful individual sense of the world and genuinely instinctive search for personal truths, they remind us of primordial values which, for many a century guided the man on his civilizational expedition through time to colour and reshape them using personal seal of original artistic invention.

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