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Stanisavljević Dragiša


Stanisavljević Dragiša (Serbia)


  Stanisavljević Dragiša - Cooperation   He was born in Jabučje near Valjevo in 1921. He began doing sculpture in 1958. The life in the country under patriarchal principles, with century-old forests of his homeland and the impulse for modelling were basic motivational preferences of Dragiša Stanisavljević. Frontal aspect, simplicity of expression and archaic approach to form are unconsciously achieved. The artist liberated the form, polished it to brightness, made it round and emphasised its organic essence, thus completing what the nature had begun. Everything was stylised nearly to the bare, basic primordial form, and reduced with the pronounced sense for measure, which was known only to authentic artists of primitive cultures. More than five-decade-long instinctive and creative work of this artist pointed to the force of his authentic and original forms and the connection between primordial and modern sensibility of artistic expression. Age-old oak trunks which he tooled from the bed of the Kolubara River had a secret trace in its very substance, a kind of patina. With a pronounced sense of harmony, without gestures, expressive movements, but with interest in the spiritual background of his figures, Dragiša Stanisavljević understood the role of a form with the sensibility of a contemporary artist. Relief-like concept of form with pronounced vertical composition helped the artist with the simplicity of expression, especially when the selected motif was philosophical contemplation on human relationships, destinies, hidden characteristics, sins or prayers.  

He received many awards and recognitions for his monumental sculptures, among which the Award for Entire Artistic Work at the Tenth Biennial of Naïve and Marginal Art in Jagodina, 2001 was the most significant. He is a world classic.

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  Cooperation, 1979, wood, height 110cm  
Stanisavljević Dragiša - Black Panther Stanisavljević Dragiša - Cooperation Stanisavljević Dragiša - A Snake and a Fish Stanisavljević Dragiša - Singer Stanisavljević Dragiša - St. George
Black Panther, 1975,


Cooperation, 1979,

height 110cm

A Snake and a Fish, 1980,

height 105cm

Singer, 1979,


St. George, n. d.

wood (relief),


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