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Živković Bogosav


Živković Bogosav (Serbia)


  Živković Bogosav - My Home   He was born in Leskovac near Lazarevac (Serbia) in 1920. He began doing painting in 1957, and had solo exhibition in 1960. As a young man he was trained in the craft of leather-working, so he early learned to use various tools: chisel, awl and needles for sewing leatherjackets decorated with floral and geometric borders. Due to his poor health he gave up leatherworking in 1945 and moved to Belgrade where he found a job as a door attendant. He did his first sculpture after a dream – a large, serpent, moving swiftly across a meadow, leaving a slimy track behind, and then, with its tail caught a stranger dressed in a monk’s cowl and robe. The intensity of the dream made him carve his visions in wood in order to release his nightmare. He received many awards in the country and abroad. He was a winner of Grand Prix at the Second Biennial of Yugoslav Naïve Art (Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art in Jagodina, Serbia) in 1983 and the Award for Entire Artistic Work in 1991. A great number of his monumental sculptures are in galleries and museums worldwide. To express himself, Živković used natural shape of the trunk with or without branches, then smaller and thinner parts of branches, even ivy roots.   Natural protuberances and hollows, various gnarls and the mere mass of the matter inspired the artist to create the most diverse forms. His chisel follows natural configuration of the wood, thus liberating, cutting, trimming and shaping anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, and less frequently animal or architectural shapes. He mostly did relief by which he covered his monumental columns. "The Magic Garden" in his native village, a temple of his art abundant with sculptures in stone and wood, reliefs of carved objects, coloured accessory edifices etc. bears best witness of his art. He died in Belgrade. He is a recognised world classic in the domain of naïve and marginal art.

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M. Bošković; M. Maširević, Samouki likovni umetnici u Srbiji, Torino, 1977
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  My Home, n. d, wood, n. d, height 204cm  
Živković Bogosav - Big-eyed Monster Živković Bogosav - Gate Živković Bogosav - Dreams and Idea Živković Bogosav - From My Dreams Živković Bogosav - My Home
Big-eyed Monster, n. d,

height 106cm

Gate, n. d,

wood (releif),
height 45x172cm

Dreams and Idea, n. d,

height 295cm

From My Dreams, n. d,

height 97cm

My Home, n. d,
height 204cm
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