Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art has a rich international collection of unconventional art with over 3,000 works by around 400 authors from some thirty countries of the world, such as Australia, Brazil, England, India, Iran, Japan, Cuba, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, the USA, and many others. The identity of the collection is built on the supreme values of masterpieces in the creative works of recognized individuals - world classics such as Sava Sekulić, Ilija Bosilj Bašičević, Emerik Feješ, Vojislav Jakić, Bogosav Živković, Dragutin Aleksić, Dragiša Stanisavljević and many others.
In the domain of unrestrained artistic freedom, the world of established values of naïve artistic expression and peculiar transformation of the perception of external and internal reality, and the world of extremely individualized, intense internal experience of marginal artists are, despite different means of manifestation, connected with the strength of the irresistible existential need for immediate authentic articulation and the purity of instinctive creative inspiration and original imagination that knows no set rules and drawn boundaries. This point of view is confirmed by the fact that we find elements of both art categories in the works of many artists, thus a clear division and distinction is often not possible, and is recognized in the authentic works of outstanding individualists, world classics of unconventional art, such as Sava Sekulić, Ilija Bosilj Bašičević, Bogosav Živković, Dragutin Aleksić, Milosav Jovanović, Emeric Feješ, or Vojkan Morar as a representative of the middle-aged authors. These self-taught visionaries explore the reality, memories, dreams and primordial depths of accumulated experience and directly convey sincere, touching, personal truths, and with a special emblem of invention transform them into creative entities of strong pulsating expressiveness. The high artistic achievements in the artworks of these authors bear witness to the extraordinary potential of vital creative energy, thus confirming that authentic art is one and indivisible, regardless of the way it was achieved, be it mainstream or unconventional.

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