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16.09-19.11 2021, Cultural Center of Serbia, Paris

Sava Sekulić, an authentically self-taught artist who with the strength, originality and perserverance of his artistic instinct was able to reach far ahead of his time. He counts today amongst the most important of the world classics of unconventional art, that art which emerged from outside the mainstream currents of the officially recognised academic and professional art. Even though the artist in a certain way determined his own place by adding the pseudonym samouk (self-taught) to his name, his works at the same time are part of a much wider spectrum, from self-taught artistic expression and naïve art, grounded in traditional values, to the absolutely unrestricted freedom of Art Brut and outsider art.
In addition to thirty-four representative paintings from the collection of the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art, the Parisian audience had the opportunity to get to know the creative scope of this author through contributions of his authentic thoughts and verses. Along with the trilingual catalog, the exhibition was accompanied by screenings of the documentary film Sava Sekulić Self-taught by Slobodan D. Pešić, as well as animations by the young author Miloš Fath, inspired by the creativity of this classic.


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